:DD YES <33 How have you been, lovely?!

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Anonymous: how do you edit your pictures they're so nice and i don't mean the instagram thing.

Thank you!! All I really do is just get the picture into photoshop, change some of the curves and the brightness, maybe sometimes the vibrancy. Maybe I’ll upload my PSD to share. :3  

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Anonymous: omg im so glad your back please dont go again :( but the boy wearing mr tea shirt is that his son with leilani? if so is he going up for download? he's so handsome ;)

:DDD Thank you!! <33 Don’t worry, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon dear anon. That is his son with Lalani. Nico. I know I didn’t get to show him much, I went on a hiatus when he was still young >< He’ll probably be up for download, though, so yes, look out for him :’D 

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I have the coolest mom on earth, hands down. (Taken with Instagram

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Lalani: "1..2..3, smile!"
… “Now turn around, the sunrise is beautiful.” 

#excuse me while i sob #gen. 3 #sims #sims 3 #ts3 #hi... im back /crawls back into hole/

Hello my beautiful simmers <3 Idk if anyone noticed or not but I’ve been absent for some time :C I’ve been so busy and I suppose you can say I went on a small hiatus, but I’ve missed this community too much to stay away. I expected to have a huge dent in my followers but when I just checked it seems people are stilling following me? O.o You guys are amazing!! How have you all been? I’m opening my game r/n :3 

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Nico: “Can we please ride the Dragon Heights Ferris Wheel first?” 

#a day at the boardwalk with the fam #gen. 2 #sims #sims 3 #ts3 #and two cousins

The little sucker sneezed right before I snapped this photo. His face cracks me up. Great first impression on his aunt. (Taken with Instagram

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Anonymous: I'm jealous of your talent, your praise and you.

I— I … Me? Thank you, beautiful nonny ♥♥

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